Where Phylis Stands

I believe that cuts to public education went too far and are taking Idaho in the wrong direction. Without a strong public education system, we will not be able to retain and attract good jobs to Idaho.  We owe it to our children to have a world class education and give them the opportunities to have a rich and  successful life.

Higher Education
I believe that an educated workforce is the path out of this economic slump. Idaho’s colleges and universities are ready and willing to prepare the future entrepreneurs and scientists.

Economy and Jobs
My blueprint for strengthening our economy:

  • Reinstate adequate funding for K-12 education, higher education and technical college for Idaho students going to Idaho colleges. The number one issue that businesses look for if they are to locate in Idaho  is an educated workforce.
  • Boost investments in small businesses and support small business incubators.
  • Invest in clean energy development that will employ engineers, architects, and installers. A study published in the Journal of Energy Policy found that non-fossil fuel technologies create more jobs per unit of energy than coal and natural gas. 
  • Support the Department of Commerce, whose job it is to retain and attract new businesses to Idaho.

Constituent Service
During the eight sessions that I have been your representative, I have made it a priority to return your emails, letters and phone calls.  My colleagues and I also held forums in the district to answer questions and listen to your concerns as bills worked their way through the legislative process. I also send a weekly email newsletter with a recap of the week's progress on issues that matter to my constituents. Lastly, during the summer, I go door to door to keep in touch with the voters.

As a Democrat many people have asked, “How can someone in the minority party affect change?” For our democracy to work the minority party must have a voice and we have that voice in our committees. Someone has got to ask the tough questions when a bill is before us. 

I enjoy being able to represent the views of so many good people in my district and throughout the state, views that otherwise might have gone unrepresented. Ultra conservatives who are out of touch with District 18 are trying to take back our district. I am a moderate voice for this district and will work hard to find common sense solutions.


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